QR Tags for Smart, Interactive Print Advertising

Will your Be Buying Print Advertising This Year?

If you are, then you are probably doing it right now. Just about all Fall/Winter bridal magazines in Canada (the ones targeting 2013 weddings) are going into their sales+production cycles right now.

Remember: For 2013, do not purchase a print ad without including your Bridal Network QR Tag to the graphic!

Smart, Mobile-EnabledInteractive Ads

As we have already discussed, the QR Code does three things:

  1. It will track the performance of your ad; Bridal Network is logging how many times the ad is scanned and will report this to you.
  2. It will allow you to publish deals/specials/updates later, after your ad has gone to print and into the brides’ hands.
  3. It will make your ad “look smarter” – and your business by extension!
Bridal Network QR Codes

The Screen a Bride sees when she Scans your QR-enable Ad

Best Results: Combine them with a “Deal”

QRs are everywhere these days. What do people use them for? Remember? 87% of Users Expect to Find a Special Offer when they Scan a QR Code.

So we have made this easy.

You don’t even need to worry about it right now. For now just get your tag and make sure your graphics person includes it on your print ad (or other materials). But then, later, in .. January/February/March, when you know how the season is going, what exactly you want to offer, which dates are slow etc etc, you will be able to simply log onto your Bridal Network account, post a deal (eg. 20% off for April Events!) and automatically this deal will be “pushed” into all your print advertising! Any bride holding Real Weddings magazine or Elegant Wedding or Wedding Bells (or in whichever magazine you are running your ad) will be able to just “buzz” her iPhone over it and get your latest offer.

Why are Bridal Network QR Codes so much Better?

After all, you can just go anywhere online and issue yourself a QR Code.. But that does what exactly? Most likely it points to a web address; your website. How good is that? The bride can go to your website anyway! You can just print your www.mybusiness.ca at the bottom of the ad anyway!

Look at the photo, above. This is what our tags do:

  • They link to your site, your blog, your facebook, your twitter.
  • They display your address, even a google-map (if you choose to share your address) even a live phone-link that the mobile phone can auto-dial.
  • They list your latest deals; which you can change/remove any time you wish!
  • They track their traffic. Come this March, you will look in your Bridal Network reports and say “hm… ads in magazine A are working twice as well as ads in magazine B“. Better know this for next year.
  • And (very important!) they all behave in the same, standardised way (unlike some random tag issued by some random outfit, doing some random action): the bride knows what to expect. So she uses them more.

The “Moral” of this Story

So… if you want to have a smart print ad this year, not just a boring old “static” one (that is sooo.. 20th century after all :-) make sure your Bridal Network membership is active, go to “My Listings” and grab your QR Code!! (everything you need to know is here)


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