Is There a Future For Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the largest social platform that has ever been created, online or offline. Nearly a Billion people exchange information on there every day and business can thrive using its Pages feature, but what does the future hold for the big blue F?

Statistics have recently come out that suggest that the future may not be as bright as investors first thought when the company released its IPO only a few months ago.

Facebook as an Advertising Platform

For businesses considering Facebook Ads as an option for their own marketing mix, numbers like “44% of Facebook’s users say that they never click on ads on Facebook”, and the lagging mobile advertising platform should be concerning.

At Junction we have had some success advertising with Facebook, and it is certainly an effective way to grow Page Likes, but will the future be as bright? The infographic below suggests that CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s team may need to make some major changes in the near term.

Facebook: Programmed for Disaster
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Writer Conner Galway is the Social Media Marketing Director at Junction, a marketing agency that believes in the power of social media to build businesses. Junction is based out of Vancouver and got its start helping small wedding vendors use the power of the internet to drive their success. Since then, Junction has grown to provide large scale campaigns for clients ranging from national charities to international retailers. As the official social media agency for Vancouver Fashion Week, our foundation is still very much at home and we love helping local businesses. We're passionate about helping people get started in social media; to find out what we can do for you, Contact Us today.
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