New EMail Scam : [greschustefan] aka “Michael”

Happy 2015!

January 15th and the the first instance of the classic (and oh-so-tired and predictable) “Nigerian” scam (you know, oops! my silly assistant overpaid you with my fake cheque, can you pay the travel agent on my behalf) is here.

Only this time is sounds more like a Scandinavian prince :-)
The name is “Michael“, but the email is  greschustefan@hotmail.

(*) UPDATE: as of Friday, the 16th of January, a few of “Michael”‘s emails are now addressed as katherine [] instead.

Here it is:

Email Scam to Bridal Businesses in Canada

Michael's "inquiry"..


Just don’t even bother. You can report it to the police, but they can’t waste their time on stuff like this. You can have fun with this person and collect another fake cheque for your collection of fake cheque, sure, why not?

But under no circumstances should you actually pay this person or any of their associates any money!

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Photo Contest 2014 : Best Engagement (winter+spring)

Photographers, Submit your Entries before July 4th.

Contest : The best engagement photographs in Canada, in 2014

Deadline : July 4th, 2014

Like last year, we are accepting submissions for both the short Winter season and the very popular Spring, together. There are still two separate categories – and two prizes.

The Fan Favourites (and winners of the wedding bands!) will be determined by Facebook voting; the overall 2014 winners will be decided in January 2015 by our editorial panel.

Submissions, Terms & Details :

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Wedding Dresses by the Numbers, Spring 2014

Canadian Market Research for Bridal Boutiques

We ‘ve been busy adding gowns to the our “Gallery” look-book for brides, non-stop since the last Fall bridal market. Our goal was to have the complete searchable “finder” tool, of every single wedding dress available in Canada – and we got very very close: over 2,000 dresses and counting. Better yet, over 10,000 brides used the gallery in the first quarter of 2014, which means that we can now compile our first bridal fashion insights, with statistical confidence! Here is a quick overview:

The most recognisable bridal brands in Canada

These are what the brides seem to look-for, first. They know these brands, by name, and search for them specifically. In other words, these companies have great marketing and strong, established brands. Stores that carry them will have an early “jump” on the competition!

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Spring Ahead! A Promotion to Reach this Summer’s Brides ASAP

Are you Fully Booked this Summer & Fall?

If yes, congratulations! You are having another great year ☺
But if you still have summer & fall wedding dates to fill, this far into the planning season,
(First Day of Spring today!) don’t stress.

Plenty of Brides still Looking..

Bridal directory traffic last 7 days

Users searching for services on the Bridal Network sites (March 14-20)

  1. There are still a lot of brides planning their weddings and looking for services. For example, over a thousand new, first-time users join the Bride.Canada website each day.
  2. Even though it may be too late for magazine/print ads or even for booking a booth at a wedding show, you can still reach your customers, quickly and efficiently, online.

..But your Spring Budget is Limited

And yes, we know how tight your cash-flow and receivables are right now, at the end of Winter, before the work season begins. No way you should have to commit to some large marketing campaign. You need not worry about that before the end of Summer.

Not a Problem!

So we ‘ve done just that: we have created a short but powerful promotional package, to give you as much exposure as possible right now – for the next 3-months in fact – for the lowest price. It is basically 6-months’ worth of marketing, condensed into three.

Just what you need to connect with as many 2014 brides as possible, as quickly as possible, fill as many of your remaining 2014 dates as possible. Immediate, powerful & affordable. We call it …

Spring Ahead! Promotional bundle for Canadian wedding vendors.

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