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How to Reach 1,000 Brides for $300

OK, so Bragging is  Unbecoming.. but.. .. I was just helping one of our members with their reporting and the numbers just struck me. So I just have to share them with you, just in case you are still an … Continue reading

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How to Make Sure Brides Remember, Recommend & Return-To your Website

In Pursuit of the Ever-Elusive ”Stickiness” So, you ‘re spending money and energy on links, clicks, ads, google-ads, facebook-ads, social media .. [insert preferred marketing channel]. It works for you: dozens/hundreds of targeted, local brides-to-be visit your website and check out … Continue reading

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Too Good to be True? Just use your Common Sense…

Spotting the Outrageous Claims is always Quite Easy.. This is a typical example of one of  those “our website is the greatest thing ever and you should advertise with us” emails that you are each receiving daily – one of … Continue reading

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