How to Reach 1,000 Brides for $300

OK, so Bragging is  Unbecoming.. but..

.. I was just helping one of our members with their reporting and the numbers just struck me. So I just have to share them with you, just in case you are still an unbeliever..

Real Wedding Vendor Case-Study

We have obviously blanked out the name, but these are actual screen-captures from “My Reports” for one of our Vancouver members. All you really need to know is that

  • They are listed on page #1 of the directory (for a full year)
  • They are running a standard ad campaign, with both banners and those clever little text-ads (since January).

Traffic from the Directories

Traffic from Banners

Go Ahead, Add It Up :

  • 1,000 brides (997 to be exact) sent to their website in a year (less than year actually, since the ads only ran since January)
    That is prequalified customers (who have already seen a listing and a picture and a description, on a bridal website, after they searched for it..), excluding search engines, “bots”, double-clicks, other vendors and any non-humans
  • Plus, another 9,000 banners and 59,000 text ads shown (in five months!) = branding (whether they are looking for this particular service yet, they are now definitely aware that it exists!)
  • Plus a few dozen direct “leads” actually, which I didn’t bother to print here..
  • Plus, of course, all the “digital intangibles” included in the service, like the huge “SEO” boost of 40+ backlinks, a fully functioning QR tag for use on print etc etc. – all of which are translating into even more exposure from the “outside” (eg. Google) which we can not track here..
  • For a combined cost of $330 (including the membership) – conveniently billed monthly to boot!
  • That is… 33 cents per prequalified bride, without even counting the intangibles!

Can You Do This?

Of course you can! There is nothing special about this particular case-study. Just a standard “plan”: listings + ads with a monthly budget, on auto-refill. Very simple:

  1. Make sure you have a decent website, with your rates and a comprehensive portfolio (a blog also helps)
  2. Sign Up (!), set a standard $30/month ad budget
  3. Bid your listing to somewhere on page #1
  4. Send us your banner ads
  5. Talk to us, ask your questions, have us tweak this for you and make suggestions.

Our job is to send you potential customers – a lot of them!
Your job is to “close” them.

Simple, no??


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Nicholas ("everyone calls me 'Niko'" ) Lourotos is an original founder and the managing partner of Bridal Network Inc. (2001) He launched the first online wedding directory in Canada in 1995 (remember? when we still used modems!) and has happily remained in this space ever since. These days, he prefers to be called the "Network Manager". A suitably vague job description which allows him to float a lot, talk to people a lot, go to lunch a lot, brainstorm a lot and blog a lot - and generally oversee the network and try to keep his finger on the pulse of the industry.
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