5 Best Social Media Marriage Proposals

As businesses on social media, we are always in search of content to share that will get our followers excited and look to us as the source of wedding inspiration. In our experience at Junction, the content that consistently has the most viral potential has a three common elements:

  • It’s not directly selling anything
    That doesn’t mean that a business can’t be involved – Lanvin, Elle Magazine and

    lululemon have all released successful viral videos that referenced their brands but never felt to the viewers like they were being sold.

  • It’s fun, funny or emotional
    People share things that make them feel something, and in order to achieve viral status, videos need to be shared a lot.
  • It’s the right length
    A lot of marketers have tried to define what the correct length of a viral video is, but what we’ve found is that the ideal running time depends on the message and the market. Arguably the most successful viral video of all time, Kony 2012, was over 20 minutes and got millions of views. Conversely, Sneezing Panda is only 17 seconds long and has nearly 150 million views.

People Love Marriage Proposal Videos

The surest way to get thousands of views is to show a unsuspecting young woman getting swept up by a flash mob that leads her to her kneeling prince who asks for her hand.

We haven’t yet seen a business harness the massive power of marriage proposals; the first one to do it could well be you.

Whether it’s just content for you to share with your followers, or inspiration for a viral video of your own, the following are the 5 best marriage proposal viral videos of all time:

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Matt & Ginny – Making the Movies Jealous

Crazy Marriage Proposal – Guy Falls Off Building

Orchestrated Wedding Proposal in Madison Park

…and finally, one for us social media geeks:

Internet Meme Proposal


About Junction

Writer Conner Galway is the Social Media Marketing Director at Junction, a marketing agency that believes in the power of social media to build businesses. Junction is based out of Vancouver and got its start helping small wedding vendors use the power of the internet to drive their success. Since then, Junction has grown to provide large scale campaigns for clients ranging from national charities to international retailers. As the official social media agency for Vancouver Fashion Week, our foundation is still very much at home and we love helping local businesses. We're passionate about helping people get started in social media; to find out what we can do for you, Contact Us today.
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