Wedding Trends : “Cheap Wedding” Searches

By The Numbers: Brides are Looking for DEALS

Duh.. you ‘ve probably noticed this yourselves, already. But we thought to try and crunch the proverbial numbers, get some “hard data”, instead of just “the word on the street”. So we went through the logs from

  • ~1,000,000 visits by brides over 17 months
  • removed any “outside” influences, bots, software etc
  • kept only “organic”, manual searched from inside our website, by human beings
  • plotted them through time, from January 2011 until May 2012

And the Survey Says… Bargain Hunters are on the Rise!

Steadily, over the past 15 months, the percentage of brides who are explicitely searching for “cheap” & “DIY” wedding solutions has risen : from 6% to a very solid 10%.

Wedding Trends in Canada : Cheap & DIY

More Brides searching for "cheap" & "DIY" wedding advice every month..

So… Adapt!

  • Make sure you have an “entry level” package available. Get that appointment, talk to the girls face-to-face, go for the upsell.
  • Offer a deal. It’s easy: just post your deal from “My Listings“.
  • If you are already offering an attractive price-point, make sure these brides can find you: reword your listing’s description to include the words “affordable”, “DIY”, even “cheap” (yes, I know, cheap is anathema!). To say the least, when they search for it, they will find your business quicker.
  • Manage your advertising budgets. Low margins means you don’t have room for chancy spending. So go for efficiency. But do not reduce your marketing reach! Budget-minded brides means that they do more research than ever. If they don’t find you, in multiple places, your message will be lost in the noise..

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Nicholas ("everyone calls me 'Niko'" ) Lourotos is an original founder and the managing partner of Bridal Network Inc. (2001) He launched the first online wedding directory in Canada in 1995 (remember? when we still used modems!) and has happily remained in this space ever since. These days, he prefers to be called the "Network Manager". A suitably vague job description which allows him to float a lot, talk to people a lot, go to lunch a lot, brainstorm a lot and blog a lot - and generally oversee the network and try to keep his finger on the pulse of the industry.
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