Email Scam : Lucas Jones & Carmalea Myers

The latest permutation of the classic “Nigerian” scam (you know, oops! my silly assistant overpaid you with my fake cheque, can you pay the travel agent on my behalf) is here.

Just don’t even bother. You can report it to the police, but they can’t waste their time on stuff like this. You can have fun with this person and collect another fake cheque for your collection of fake cheque, sure, why not?

But under no circumstances should you actually pay this person or any of their associates any money!


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  1. christopherboar says:

    Yep, I had one of these recently. Spotted it straight away, but strung the guy for several weeks. I blogged about it, and funnily enough I’m now getting quite a few hits on this post because I mentioned the name of his ‘associate’. Other folks thinking it’s a scam obviously checking. Blog post below.

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