Bridal Network 2.0 (beta) is Live!

The New Standard for Digital Wedding Marketing

Since 2001, over ten years and two recessions ago, the original Bridal Network “click-engine” has served 1,000,000+ brides, processed 9,000,000+ transactions and grown to 40,000+ member vendors. It was finally time for a major product update. Our mission statement:

Create the most complete, affordable & effective internet marketing “bundle” for wedding vendors.
If you should subscribe to a single internet product, it has to be Bridal Network 2.0. Everything else is optional

  1. New website – faster, smarter, easier.
  2. New services - SEO, blogging, social media, deals, QR Tags.
  3. New membership – separating essential from click products.

What’s Different? Listings+ Membership: The Game Changer

Bridal Network 2.0 is a two-tiered system.
You have to subscribe to tier 1, before you can expand into tier 2:

  • Tier 1 : “Essential Internet Marketing” - what everyone should have, first.
    • This is the new Listings+ monthly membership:
    • Listings on all our websites + Links (clicks are now free)
      - so brides can find you when they are surfing wedding sites.
    • SEO “google-back-links” from all our websites
      - so brides can find you when they are surfing google.
    • Syndication of your blog stories + facebook posts + tweets
      - so your PR does not vanish into cyberspace and all your posts and updates are “pushed” to our brides.
    • Deals & QR Tags
      - why groupon when you can push deals straight to your customers’ smartphones?


  • Tier 2 : “DIY Internet Advertising”- extras, if you have the budget & expertise.
      All the usual pay-per-click, pay-per-view, pay-per-email goodies:

    • Bidding your Listings higher in the directories
    • Banners & Text Ads
    • Leads
    • Blog features, facebook promotions etc

Now What? Do you need to do something?

  1. Don’t Stress: If you are an existing active member, your account is grandfathered until your “clicks” run out. So (a) your normal pay-per-click is working as always plus (b) you are getting listings+ for free – great way to test-drive the new tools.
  2. Have some Fun: Explore the new website. What you will discover will wow you, I promise :-)
  3. Don’t Stress: Questions? Just ask me. Call (604) 737-7755 or (877) 437-7755 or email networksupport{at}
  4. Have some Fun: Try to crash the new website. It has been almost a year in development. The code looks like the Matrix. Please report any bugs to me, directly.
  5. Don’t Stress: Based on your questions & usage patterns, I will be posting regular blog articles, here, explaining every little aspect of the new system in minute detail
  6. Get Cracking: Go to “My Listings” and add your blog, your RSS, your Facebook & your Twitter. Start taking advantage of Listings+.
    Also, while you’re there, post any deals you are currently offering and get yourself a QR Tag for your print ads.


Happy Clicking! ~ Niko


About niko

Nicholas ("everyone calls me 'Niko'" ) Lourotos is an original founder and the managing partner of Bridal Network Inc. (2001) He launched the first online wedding directory in Canada in 1995 (remember? when we still used modems!) and has happily remained in this space ever since. These days, he prefers to be called the "Network Manager". A suitably vague job description which allows him to float a lot, talk to people a lot, go to lunch a lot, brainstorm a lot and blog a lot - and generally oversee the network and try to keep his finger on the pulse of the industry.
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