Contest : The Best Wedding Photos of 2011

It’s that time of year again!

The 2011 Wedding Photo Awards will be announced in three weeks – March 30th. Hopefully everyone has had enough time to wrap up post-production on even the latest 2011 events, from Christmas etc because

the submission deadline is March 23rd, Friday, at midnight PST.

A Bit of Extra Publicity for Everyone too..

  • starting next Monday (March 19) we will be posting the finalists on the Facebook page
  • The Winners will be announced on on April 2nd 9th (Monday) – predictably, two of our editors are out of town on conference! Murphy’s law!
  • Our friends from Elegant Wedding magazine are also getting in the spirit of things, so they too will be posting the finalists on their facebook page as well as posting the winners on their official blog in April – THANKS !

Please notice: Unlike the seasonal “people’s choice” winners of the Engagement Photo Awards, we are not inviting people to vote for the favourite wedding photo on facebook. This is not a popularity contest; the winners will be selected by our panel.

Top Photo of the 2009 Contest, by John Archer Photography, Brentwood Bay, BC : Click it to see all the finalists


Submission Guidelines

  1. One photo per-couple / maximum five photos per-photographer;
    i.e. you can submit up to five photographs, but they must be from a different event each.
  2. Photos must be from 2011, in Canada, by a Canadian photographer.
  3. Submission Deadline: March  23rd 2012.
  4. File Specs: JPGs, min 1000px wide, max file-size: 500kB
  5. Simply Attach your images to an email
    • Subject : “Wedding Photo Contest 2011
    • Email to : contest[at]
    • Include the couple’s names and, if possible, their email address, in case we require a special release (eg. the winners are featured in print)
    • Also include the date & place of the photograph.
  6. Our Judging Panel: as always, our in-house editors, a guest-shooter, as well as our partners, the editors-in-chief of Real Weddings magazine, Elegant Wedding Magazine and the producer of the Calgary Wedding Fair, our good friend Mrs Kathie James.
  7. Legal Stuff : this is our contest; we like things simple; only two rules:
    Bridal Network Inc reserves the right to accept/reject images and to disqualify contestants, at our own discretion, if we determine or suspect that either the letter and the spirit of the contest is violated. [during the last Engagement contest, someone hired an outfit in Malaysia to generate fake Facebook likes! Then argued that we did not have the legal authority to remove their photo from the finalists...]
    By entering the contest, you are giving Bridal Network Inc a non-transferable license to feature your image(s) on either, or (and their facebook pages), in reference to the contest / photography awards. [If we feature the winners in print (in 2011 the winners were featured in both Real Weddings and Elegant Wedding magazines) we will require a separate set of releases, including the couple's authorisation etc ]

A 2010 favourite (by Erin Wallis Photography) : Click it to see the 2010 finalists


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