Will you please Stop Worrying about those iPads??

“All the brides use iPads these days, we really need an app..”

“Can’t have any flash on our sites, because of iPads”

“If you are not iPhone-friendly, you’re not in business”

Really?? I don’t think so..

Apparently everyone got an iPad or Samsung Galaxy or whatever for Christmas. So let’s see how the brides in Canada have been using the Internet since Christmas, shall we?

~ 140,000 users, on canadian bridal & wedding planning websites, for the month immediately after Boxing Day 2011

Hmm… apparently the PC stills reigns supreme!

Just because

  1. The media keeps saying so
  2. The Internet geeks keep saying so
  3. Every time you see a bride she is on a tablet (you never see them in their homes or at work, do you, only when you stop at starbucks..)

.. really does not mean that the world is being overrun by tablets :-)

Stop stressing!



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Nicholas ("everyone calls me 'Niko'" ) Lourotos is an original founder and the managing partner of Bridal Network Inc. (2001) He launched the first online wedding directory in Canada in 1995 (remember? when we still used modems!) and has happily remained in this space ever since. These days, he prefers to be called the "Network Manager". A suitably vague job description which allows him to float a lot, talk to people a lot, go to lunch a lot, brainstorm a lot and blog a lot - and generally oversee the network and try to keep his finger on the pulse of the industry.
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