Top-30 Wedding Searches of 2011

We love numbers! Here are some interesting ones, hot off the presses : the top-30 most searched wedding keywords of 2011 (logged by Canadian brides, looking for .. whatever they needed, on our network websites – mostly

(*) the percentage “weights” are so you can compare popularity; absolute numbers where 38,000+ for #1 – you can work the rest out if it matters..

1 dress, dresses, wedding dress 21.58%
2 invitation, invitations, wedding invitations 10.10%
3 hair, hairstyle, hair styles 8.80%
4 photographer, photography, photographers 6.65%
5 venue, venues
(*) no one really searches for “halls” any more; that was an 80′s term :-)
6 bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid dress 3.78%
7 centerpieces, centrepieces
(*) as with “favours/favors”, below, roughly equal frequency of canadian vs US spelling
8 mother of the brides, mother of the bride dresses 3.65%
9 gowns, wedding gown, wedding gowns
(*) interesting how the word “dress” is six-times more popular than the word “gown” – note that for your SEO.
10 cake, cakes, wedding cakes 3.52%

11 rings, engagement rings 2.61%
12 shoes 2.48%
13 makeup, make up, makeup artist 2.41%
14 songs, first dance songs 2.35%
15 favors, favours 2.28%
16 winter, winter wedding
(*) summer, spring, fall weddings : nowhere near as sought after; a shortage of original winter wedding themes available?
17 contest 1.83%
18 flowers 1.83%
19 destination wedding, destination weddings 1.69%
20 honeymoon 1.50%
21 money box
(*) for years, consistently in the top-30; we could use a good supplier – seems like a good business!
22 cupcakes 1.11%
23 dj 1.04%
24 bride
(*) baffling! Why would anyone search for “bride”, on Unless they thought this was an arranged-marriages website : “we ‘ll find you a bride, in Canada!
25 music 0.85%
26 flower girl dresses 0.85%
27 cake toppers 0.72%
28 hair accessories 0.72%
29 reception 0.65%
30 officiants 0.65%

The Good News : Unlike previous years, the search terms “cheap” and “DIY” did not even make the top-30. This has to be a good sign.. the market is coming around!


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