Wedding Dresses by the Numbers, Feb 2013

Alvina Valenta wedding dresses 2012, 2013

Our First Fashion Intelligence Reports for 2013

Hot of the presses (i.e. the Bridal Network computer servers!) here are our first insights at what the brides are expecting, from wedding fashion retailers in 2013. The information below was compiled from the collective behaviour of ~5,000 Canadian brides, between December 2012 and February 2013, on the BRIDE.Canada Gown Gallery. We present here the raw data, as well as a basic analysis of what the numbers tell us.

  •  These reports reveal some very interesting trends and statistically accurate information; but keep in mind: they depict the brides’ state of mind while researching their dresses on the internet.  In real life, factors such as presentation, service, salesmanship etc will make a very real difference.
  • Our data is limited to those gowns currently “on display” in the gown gallery (500+ dresses in 40-odd collections) We are constantly adding new gowns and new designers. If yours is not yet included, please get in touch with us, make arrangements to feature your inventory on the gallery.


Most Sought-After Designers: Getting the Brides’ Attention

Wedding Dresses  : Searches by Designer / Collection ~ Canada

What this list shows, effectively, is which bridal designers have the most brand-recognition in Canada. The brides are asking for these collections, by name. Not surprisingly perhaps, Vera reigns supreme!

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Wedding Photography Awards 2012

Is it this time of year already? Why, yes, it is!
The most stressful-yet-inspiring month of the year in our office, when we have to sort through thousands of your brilliant images - yet never get tired of them..

The rules are simple, as always: Details & Submissions, on our Contest page on BRIDE.Canada



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70-20-10 : The Facebook Posting Rule

Infographic : Best Facebook practices, when your time is limited

The Facebook Trifecta for Retailers

The Facebook Trifecta for Retailers

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Are you still Overspending on Print Advertising?

Here is an interesting infographic from Kleiner-Perkins:

Media Ad Spends
Media Reach vs Ad Spending

So, even though the internet reaches about four times more people than print (at least in North America), business still spends more on print ads than internet advertising.

Why do you think that is?
  • Is print advertising that much more effective? Or,
  • Are we still all doing “what we ‘ve always done” ?


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